The KAMB Board

KAMB Board Directory

  • Tami Lange - President
  • Daniel Finn -
  • Steve Slocum - Secretary
  • Carla Travaille - Treasurer
  • Laurie Byer -
  • Peggy Sperry -
Tami Lange - President

Tami Lange


Hi, I'm Tami Lange and I am the KAMB Board President.

I live in Merced with my husband, Pastor Jonathan Lange of St. Paul Lutheran Church, and our five children whose ages range from 17 down to 10.

I'm a busy mother, Pastor’s wife and school board member.

I believe in Christian radio and want to see KAMB strengthened. I have a background in marketing and I consider serving on the KAMB Board to be a good opportunity to help KAMB grow.
Daniel Finn -

Daniel Finn

Hi! My name is Dan Finn and I am the KAMB Board Vice President. I have had the privilege of being associated with the KAMB Board since 1998. My first encounter with KAMB was back in 1971 when I first moved to the Turlock area.

I have seen KAMB evolve over the years from tape recorders to the present digital computers. Our one theme has always been to broadcast hope and encouragement through Christ centered messages and music.

I have spent the past 34 years working in a family business manufacturing agricultural equipment. My lovely wife, Carol, of 40 years has been my constant encourager. We worship at Monte Vista Chapel in Turlock.
Steve Slocum - Secretary

Steve Slocum


Hi, I'm Steve Slocum, the KAMB Board secretary. I am an attorney and I work as a prosecutor for the Merced County District Attorney's Office. I attend First Baptist Church in Merced along with my wife, Katie, and our four children.

I knew about Christ at a young age but it was when I entered law school that I began to really follow the Lord more closely. I believe God has been calling me to be more involved in church and I want to serve others in order that they may come to personally know the saving grace of Jesus.
Carla Travaille - Treasurer

Carla Travaille Carla


Hi, my name is Carla Travaille and I am the KAMB Board treasurer.

I live in Ripon with my husband Sam. I have three grown daughters and one granddaughter. I work full time for the Postal Service as a Rural Letter Carrier in Escalon. I have been a faithful listener and supporter of Celebration Radio for over 20 years.

Christian radio has had a profound impact on myself and my family over the years. Being a Board member is a great opportunity to serve the community and the Lord. My prayer is that KAMB will continue to bring hope and the knowledge of Jesus Christ to a world that so desperately needs it.
Laurie Byer -

Laurie Byer Laurie

Hi! I am Laurie Byer, one of the newest board members at KAMB. I moved to California with my husband, Craig, 9 years ago from Minnesota and thought we would have trouble finding a replacement for the Northwestern College Christian radio station that was part of our lives. When we found KAMB, we knew we were blessed!

Craig and I have two grown children and three granddaughters. I am the CFO of a central valley industrial electrical company. My daughter and I are AARP/VITA tax volunteers.

I am one of many long-distance commuters and am so grateful to have Celebration Radio in the car with me, lifting me up, helping me pray and pointing me toward a relationship with the Lord. I am the worship leader at Wildwood Chapel in Greeley Hill, so music is an integral part of my life. Music opens a door to the hearts and minds of people and the music on KAMB shares the encouraging and uplifting message of God's Word.
Peggy Sperry -

Peggy Sperry

As one of the newest members of the KAMB Board, I feel as if I have returned home. Many years ago I was a station operator at KAMB. My shift was from midnight to eight in the morning. I loved it! I did that for about a year. As a financial supporter of KAMB for years, I now realize I can help to make an added impact as a Board Member.

I have 3 amazing children, Marcus, Thea and Katie as well as 5 incredible grandchildren. My husband, Roger and I are celebrating our 30 year anniversary in July! We enjoy reading, traveling, and kayaking.

In the Turlock School District, I have served as a teacher, Resource Specialist and both Elementary and Junior High school counselor. I love working with parents, students, administration and co-workers to help our students work to their full potential. What an exciting and fulfilling career!

I am a member of Crossroads Church in Turlock and serve as secretary to the Elder Board, choir member, small group ensemble member and sing in duets on a regular basis. I also usher during our contemporary service. I have watched God faithfully at work in my life and feel very blessed.

Basic Responsibilities
of KAMB Board Members

  1. Determine the ministry’s mission and purpose.

  2. Select the Chief Executive.

  3. Support the Chief Executive and assess his performance.

  4. Ensure effective organizational planning.

  5. Ensure adequate resources.

  6. Manage resources effectively.

  7. Determine, monitor and strengthen the ministry’s services.

  8. Enhance the ministry’s public standing.

  9. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.

  10. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance.

(Adapted from Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, published by the National Center for Nonprofit Boards, cited in “Nonprofit Board Answer Book” by Robert Andringa and Ted Engstrom.)