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Each week as a public service to our listeners, KAMB airs Inside Look.  Hosted by PGM/Music/News and Public Affairs Director, Dave Benton, this short feature presents interviews with newsmakers or public servants on a particular issue, helping to bring better understanding to the listeners about what's going on in our community.

The Inside Look short feature is broadcast Friday nights at 10:15pm, Saturday evenings at 6:50pm, and Sunday afternoons at 1:50pm.  The long form edition of Inside Look is also aired every third weekend of each month at 9:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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Date Title Series Speaker
2/1/2014 Mike Jensen, Merced Irrigation District

Dave interviewed Mike Jensen, Public & Government Relations Officer with the Merced Irrigation District, about the State drought and it's impact on Merced County. Mike talked at length about MID's initial plans for the allotment of water to Merced County farmers and ranchers. Mike informed listeners that instead of acre feet allotments, it will only be inches of water being allotted to agriculture. This will have a huge impact to all and could greatly impact future consumer prices for agricultural products.

Dave Benton
1/24/2014 Dave Robinson, Merced County Farm Bureau

Dave Benton interviewed Dave Robinson, the Merced County Farm Bureau Commissioner, who informed listeners about the steps that are currently being taken to prepare for the shortage of water in the valley. Governor Brown has declared a drought crisis and Dave's office is awaiting word on direction from the state office. He did state that we all should prepare for major changes in our water usage.

Dave Benton
10/19/2013 Maureen Hurley, "Breast Cancer: My Spiritual Journey"

Dave Benton interviewed local author, Maureen Hurley, at length about her book, "Breast Cancer: My Spiritual Journey". Maureen encouraged women experiencing breast cancer not to give up and to look to God. She challenged listeners and those who read her book to not give up on life just yet! Maureen took us through her chemotherapy treatments and surgery and she says through it all she came out with a lifetime of memories that changed her life in surprising ways.

Dave Benton
9/21/2013 Local Author, Rhonda Stoppe

Dave Benton interviews local author Rhonda Stoppe. Rhonda talked in length about her new book, "Moms Raising Sons to be Men". She shared how mothers of sons have a special calling to shape future godly men and husbands. Rhonda gave great insights on how moms of even at-risk sons can make a difference in helping their sons to become great men and leaders not just in the home but in society.

Dave Benton
9/13/2013 Valley Air Quality

Dave Benton interviewed Anthony Presto, Communications Representative of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. Anthony informed listeners about the impact smoke from the current wildfires is having on our valley air quality. He gave several suggestions on how valley residents can avoid respiratory problems because of the smoke.

Dave Benton
8/30/2013 Love INC - Love Plus Program

Dave Benton interviewed Sherry Bright, Executive Director of Love In The Name of Christ, Greater Merced. Sherry talked about the Love Plus program which places those in need with mentors who have gifts and abilities to help with finances, family issues, job searches and more. Workshops are coming up that will help them through the process.

Dave Benton
8/17/2013 ACE Overcomers

Dave Benton interviewed Dave Lockridge, Executive Director of ACE Overcomers. Dave talked at length about how ACE Overcomers helps individuals confront and move past their adverse childhood experiences and various family dysfunctions. He explained how these suppressed experiences impact one's quality of life and affect the choices they make as adults. Also, information was presented to KAMB listeners about weekly meetings and support groups available for those who made need them.

Dave Benton
8/9/2013 A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out!

Dave Benton interviewed Bruce Metcalf, Executive Director of the Merced County Rescue Mission. Bruce informed listeners about a new program that is now underway in Merced County to help confront the panhandling issue. The program is called "A Hand Up, not a Hand Out", a coordinated effort by the mission and the Merced County Community Action Agency. Instead of money, residents are being asked to hand out cards that direct those in need to free meals and shelters.

Dave Benton
8/2/2013 Maureen Hurley - "Breast Cance: My Spiritual Journey"

Dave Benton interviews local author, Maureen Hurley, about her new book "Breast Cancer: My Spiritual Journey." She encouraged women who have had breast cancer or are currently experiencing breast cancer, to remain optimistic. Maureen's book chronicles her emotional upheavals and how the Lord carried her through to where she is today: a cancer survivor.

Dave Benton
7/20/2013 Valley Home Educators Convention - Guest Speakers

Dave Benton interviews featured speakers at the Valley Home Educators Convention in Modesto, July 26th and 27th. Linda Hobar, author of "The Mystery of History"; Mike Smith, President of the Home School Legal Defense Assocation; and Rhonda Stoppe, author of "Moms Raising Sons to be Men". Each speaker shared why homeschooling is so important. Whether already homeschooling, or considering homeschooling, the convention is a must.

Dave Benton
6/22/2013 Valley Home Educators Convention

Dave Benton interviewed Micki Moeller, Workshop Coordinator of the Valley Home Educators Convention in Modesto in late July. She shared how this event will help families considering Homeschooling their children and helping those already doing so.

Dave Benton
5/18/2013 Young Life Merced County

Dave Benton interviewed Spence Boelter, Executive Director of Young Life of Merced County, about the opportunities in Merced County for believing adults to make a difference in the future of our Young people here on earth and for eternity. It's the mission of Young Life Merced County to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Dave Benton
2/15/2013 Joni And Friends - Family Retreat Camp

Laura McGrew, Area Director of Joni & Friends International Disability Center in Fresno, talked about the Fresno office and its long reach throughout the central valley, including the city of Merced, helping the disabled and their families. She also shared information about the family retreat coming up in late March and how this helps not only the disabled but their caregivers as they share time together with other families.

Dave Benton
2/8/2013 Ski-A-Thon Fundraiser

Marci Boucher, Executive Director for the Society for Handicapped Children and Adults, informed listeners about her agency and also talked about the upcoming Ski-A-Thon Fundraiser on February 23rd in which major funds are raised for improving the lives of children and adults living with disabilities. Her agency helps many in Merced County as well.

Dave Benton
2/1/2013 Love INC of Greater Merced

Sherry Bright, Executive Director of Love INC of Greater Merced, shared how Love INC continues to help the less fortunate in communities throughout Merced County. She also informed listeners about the fundraising dinner for Love INC coming up in March. This dinner has raised 1/3 of the agency's financial needs for the year.

Dave Benton
1/25/2013 Proposed Sales Tax for Atwater

Bob Calaway, spokesman/retired Police Chief, talked about the proposed sales-tax for the City of Atwater. This tax would be only for public safety and nothing else. With the city facing a 4 million dollar deficit, city leaders are wanting to insure that pending budget cuts will not impact the Police and Fire Departments. This sales tax will take care of the funding of these departments.

Dave Benton
1/19/2013 The Movement to End Sex Trafficking

Pastor Al Schaap of Gateway Community Church in Merced and Jennifer Tripp of Yosemite Church in Merced talked in length about the rescue of people caught in sex trafficking and its growing here in the valley, state, nation and world. Also discussed was the need for building and staffing safe houses in major U.S. cities and around the world. Bringing this issue into sharper focus is a planned event January 26th in Merced to allow residents the opportunity to become more aware of this growing illegal trade and the action they can take to bring it to an end.

Dave Benton
1/18/2013 Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Merced

Public Information Officer, Mike Conway, updated listeners on the controversial Wal-Mart Distribution Center planned for Merced. He addressed the potential jobs it will create as well as the environmental concerns residents have regarding the number of trucks operating out of the facility.

Dave Benton
1/11/2013 High Speed Rail

Mike Conway, Public Information Officer, updated listeners on the High Speed Rail issue. He specifically focused on the potential impact High Speed Rail would have economically on Merced and the possible relocation of various businesses and homes during the rail's construction through Merced.

Dave Benton
5/10/2012 Young Life Merced County

Dave Benton of Inside Look interviews Spence Boelter, Area Director of Young Life, Merced County. Spence talked in length about the overall mission of Young Life Merced County to make a difference in the future of our young people. He shared how loving adults impact these young teenagers by simply meeting them where they are and mentoring them to make right decisions in their lives that help give them a future. He also talked about the many clubs and activities that make Young Life an exciting experience for all who participate.

Inside Look 2012 David Benton