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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is KAMB?

KAMB is licensed to serve the city of Merced, California. Our signal covers the San Joaquin valley from Stockton in the north to Fresno in the south. KAMB also has a translator that rebroadcasts KAMB in the Sonora area at 107.1 FM.

Click here to see our coverage map.

How long have you been on the air?

KAMB first went on the air in November of 1967.

What is your mission?

“Our mission is to inspire people to know Jesus personally and challenge them to follow Him faithfully through the creative use of interactive media.”

What is your vision?

“The Ministries of Celebration Radio are expanding God’s Kingdom and inspiring the transformation of lives by using compelling Christ-centered music and programming through relevant technology.”

How do you select the songs you play?

Listener input through the KAMB Music Advisory Team is one of our first resources used in music selection. KAMB is a reporting station for the Christian Radio Weekly charts and uses the Adult Contemporary Christian Music charting for some guidance. Listener music calls and requests are also tracked.

What is your format?

KAMB is an Adult Contemporary Music formatted radio station. We also offer a great line up of Bible based teaching and talk programs in the evening hours. These features are designed to encourage listeners to personally know Christ and promote spiritual growth.

How can I get my song played on KAMB?

The first step is to make sure your song will fit the format of KAMB. The second step is to submit your song to our Music Director Dave Benton for consideration. (See our Contact Us information.)

Where is your transmitter?

Our transmitter is located on Mount Bullion near Mariposa, 30 miles east of Merced, at an elevation of about 4100 feet.

Do you give tours of your studios?

Yes we do! We enjoy having listeners come in and meet us. Please call the office at (800) 692-5777 Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm to set up a tour.

Why is KAMB non-commercial?

Over four decades ago the founders of KAMB chose to offer commercial-free Christian radio station to serve listeners throughout Central California. The primary goal of most commercial radio (religious as well as secular) is to make a profit for station owners by providing an audience to advertisers. The aim at KAMB is serve the needs of listeners by broadcasting Christ-centered music and programming without any commercial interruption.

How are you funded?

Celebration Radio is a listener-supported, non-profit ministry. We are funded by direct contributions from those who listen to KAMB and chose to provide financial support. Many people partner with us by contacting us to make a specific pledge of monthly or annual support. We are deeply grateful for our listeners who recognize the spiritual value of KAMB's ministry and understand the need to help support it.

Click here to find out more about how you can help support KAMB.

Why don't you play a wider variety of music styles?

An extremely wide selection of contrasting music styles and tempos tends to please a very small number of radio listeners in the long run. By focusing on Adult Contemporary Christian music Celebration Radio has been able to grow a consistent audience that chooses to listen for much longer periods of time.

Do you take song requests?

Yes, for a couple of reasons. It helps us stay on track with what listeners want from our format. We will try play a request, if time and artist rotation allows.

What are your contest rules?

To see complete contest rules, click here. All KAMB contest winners must wait 30 days before participating in another contest. Limited to one winner per household, per month!

How can we get our event announced on KAMB?

KAMB announces events that we are involved with such as concerts and conferences, and we may announce other events that have a wide appeal to our audience at our discretion. Also, we are happy to post information about your event here on our website events calendar. To send your event information to KAMB, click here to go to our Community Events submission form. You may also send information via fax (209-723-1945) or through traditional mail.

How can I get better reception of your signal?

Click here to read our article about improving your FM reception.

Who owns KAMB?

Ultimately, Celebration Radio/KAMB is owned by the Lord. Legally, the owners of KAMB are the members of our Board of Directors for Central Valley Broadcasting, Company, Inc. This is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit Corporation. This Board of Directors is a group of faithful volunteers who serve without pay to provide governing oversight of the ministry and business of KAMB.

Where can I find information about a song I heard on KAMB?

The best place to find out about a song you've heard recently is right here! We keep a list of recent music schedules for KAMB here on our website. Click the link below to go to our "Music Schedules" page to look up the schedule for the day you heard the song. Alternatively you can call our office during office hours (Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM) at (800) 692-5777 and we can look up the information for you.

Click here to go to our Music Schedules page.