Public Affairs Programming

Each week as a public service to our listeners, KAMB airs Inside Look. Hosted by Mark Murdock, this short feature presents interviews with newsmakers or public servants on a particular issue, helping to bring better understanding to the listeners about what's going on in our community.

The Inside Look short feature is broadcast Friday nights at 10:15pm, Saturday evenings at 6:50pm, and Sunday afternoons at 1:50pm.  The long form edition of Inside Look is also aired every third weekend of each month at 9:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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Date Title Series Speaker
8/30/2013 Love INC - Love Plus Program

Dave Benton interviewed Sherry Bright, Executive Director of Love In The Name of Christ, Greater Merced. Sherry talked about the Love Plus program which places those in need with mentors who have gifts and abilities to help with finances, family issues, job searches and more. Workshops are coming up that will help them through the process.

Inside Look 2013 Sherry Bright
8/17/2013 ACE Overcomers

Dave Benton interviewed Dave Lockridge, Executive Director of ACE Overcomers. Dave talked at length about how ACE Overcomers helps individuals confront and move past their adverse childhood experiences and various family dysfunctions. He explained how these suppressed experiences impact one's quality of life and affect the choices they make as adults. Also, information was presented to KAMB listeners about weekly meetings and support groups available for those who made need them.

Inside Look 2013 Dave Lockridge
8/9/2013 A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out!

Dave Benton interviewed Bruce Metcalf, Executive Director of the Merced County Rescue Mission. Bruce informed listeners about a new program that is now underway in Merced County to help confront the panhandling issue. The program is called "A Hand Up, not a Hand Out", a coordinated effort by the mission and the Merced County Community Action Agency. Instead of money, residents are being asked to hand out cards that direct those in need to free meals and shelters.

Inside Look 2013 Bruce Metcalf
8/2/2013 "Breast Cance: My Spiritual Journey"

Dave Benton interviews local author, Maureen Hurley, about her new book "Breast Cancer: My Spiritual Journey." She encouraged women who have had breast cancer or are currently experiencing breast cancer, to remain optimistic. Maureen's book chronicles her emotional upheavals and how the Lord carried her through to where she is today: a cancer survivor.

Inside Look 2013 Maureen Hurley