Public Affairs Programming

Each week as a public service to our listeners, KAMB airs Inside Look. Hosted by Mark Murdock, this short feature presents interviews with newsmakers or public servants on a particular issue, helping to bring better understanding to the listeners about what's going on in our community.

The Inside Look short feature is broadcast Friday nights at 10:15pm, Saturday evenings at 6:50pm, and Sunday afternoons at 1:50pm. The long form edition of Inside Look is also aired every third weekend of each month at 9:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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Date Title Series Speaker
7/19/2014 Valley Home Educators

Dr. Jay Wile has a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry, is a Professor, and author of science curriculum for home educators.

Inside Look 2014 Dr. Jay Wile
7/12/2014 Alpha Pregnancy Help Center Mobile Clinic

We talk to Carrie Alexander, Director of Alpha Pregnancy Help Center in Merced about Alpha's new Mobile Clinic.

Inside Look 2014 Carrie Alexander
7/5/2014 Alpha Pregnancy Help Center

Mark Murdock talked with Carrie Alexander about the ministry of Alpha Pregnancy Help Center in Merced.

Inside Look 2014 Mark Murdock